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Guest The paid version for Memeo Premium is no better than the trail. I just found out the hard way about the PTL problem, thought I had it fixed as I ran a scan and reduced any files paths to 240. Memeo does not reinstall these correctly as they reinstall with a 5 digit number PTL. You can open the PTL files but have to save it again with a new name. I just cleaned up a 1000+ plus files and then ran a new backup last night and now I see in the new backup I have a 1000 more PTL files only different ones. I even ran a path scan on my BU and see there are 1000 more (different files). I understand the BU path will be even longer than the computer path because it reads F:backupname/memeo/backupname again/folder/file name. And then even longer with a sub-folder and file name. I just tried to email Memeo about it. Said my password didn't work and they would send me a new PW to contact support and have yet to get an email from them (over 1 hour ago). I think all backups have this problem as I have read it is a Windows problems (Windows has been aware for years and years but never fixes the problem). Some other BU programs say they can handle up to 32,000 characters but don't understand how this won't still be a problem since it is a Windows problem and not really a BU problem. Anyone with answers would be appreciated.

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Guest I need to register my Memeo that came on the backup drive. How do I find the registration number from this version?

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Guest I agree with the above complaints. I am furious that the free trial keeps poping up and needs backing up. I cannot seem to get rid of it. Have gone to the Seagates website and their suggestions are useless/did not work. Do something about it please!

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Nik Kelly

Nik Kelly To add insults to the injury, Memeo does not like long file names and will collapse deep folder-trees to a mob of .ptl = 'Path Too Long' files. Apparently, it can untangle these but, if you're loading them onto a different PC with a different layout, you have a problem.
Updates are horribly clunky. Mine ignored the Chrome default browser and fired up IE.
Then, it *suddenly* tells you the free trial has expired. Not fair! I understood the software was bundled with the GoFlex NAS drive!

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Guest Agree with Simon. Apparently no one at Seagate reads their social comments because complaints like this are all over the web...or maybe they do read, but just don't give a d$mn.

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Guest ^^ Totally agree with this posters comments. I am sick of booting my computer up only to find that memeo is asking me to pay $29.95 for an upgrade which I will never purchase.

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Simon Preece I received this software bundled with Seagate's GoFlex Home drive - it is basic at best and despite claims that it backs up all of the C drive backs up only the users files and folders who installed it (unless you all separately install it on the same machine but this is not mentioned in the instructions) and does not backup anything from program files (not all programs follow best practice and some DO save settings to here and other areas not backed up).
No full restore is possible, only a data restore and only from the areas it does backup (I am far from confident I have uncovered all the areas it ignores...).
The version I received came bundled with a £120 drive yet constantly presents me with pop ups to upgrade for a 'limited time only' that I cannot remove (and which have been going on for a year - not exactly limited).
Avoid both this software and Seagate's GoFlex like the plague - you are not a valued customer, just a mug who might provide an additional revenue stream if they pester you enough.

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