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Make sure that you don't lose the important information stored on your computer by creating backups for it on an external storage device. The tool keeps track of the changes made to the files or folders that are backed up and automatically synchronizes them as soon as the external storage is plugged back into the PC.

Memeo Instant Backup can help you protect your information by creating copies of the files you store on your hard drive. Using this tool is incredibly easy as it can automatically detect what is on your drives. Thus, all you need to do is to select the target location, which can be another hard drive or even a portable device. It is a shame, however, that it does not allow uploading your backup to the cloud.

More experienced users can benefit from its advanced features. For instance, you can include other folders in the backup. Likewise, it is possible to secure the resulting file using a password and 192-bit, triple DES, a very strong encryption algorithm.

As most similar software, Memeo Instant Backup can have a negative impact on performance when it is being used. However, it is possible to pause the backup process at any time. Luckily, the program keeps a record of changes in the source drive so that the new and modified files are effectively backed up when the process is resumed.

Memeo Instant Backup is definitely not a powerful backup software. Its main asset is usability, not sophistication. Just to mention a few examples, you should know that it cannot backup multiple file versions or filter files by their extensions.

In fewer words, Memeo Instant Backup may be the right tool if you are looking for an easy way to keep your data protected against accidental losses. If you are looking for more advanced features, you can also take a look at Memeo Premium Backup, another member of the same family.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Very simple operation
  • Supports error-free resuming
  • Encrypts the resulting files


  • Uses a lot of system resources
  • Cannot upload backups to the cloud
  • Cannot back up multiple file versions
  • Cannot filter files by extension
  • Does not allow scheduling backups
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